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RECON founder, Shawn Chavez, has spent the last decade in search of resources and information related to human health, performance and wellbeing. When Shawn was diagnosed with Lyme Disease more than 6 years ago it changed everything he thought he knew about what it meant to be “healthy”. He could never have imagined that this illness would not only change the path of his entire life but also ignite a passion for a much broader understanding of the human condition. On this quest he learned the importance of a holistic approach to health, supporting all aspects of what it means to be healthy; Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Out of this personal journey RECON was born. 


A contemplative outlook and quest for wellbeing and beautiful design drives RECON’s vision for a holistic retail experience that enlivens the body, mind and spirit. Gentle, intuitive and intrinsically beautiful. We want to engage the consumer looking inwardly to find balance and harmony with all that surrounds them. With a mindful approach to the products and services we offer we see value in supporting the daily rituals that bring balance into our lives with natural, non toxic, hand crafted, and sustainable goods. 


To establish a living, evolving, collaborative mercantile with products and services that leave the world a better place than we found it. Our products are made by artisans from around the world who have the same philosophy, design and manufacture products that do good. For the people who make them, for the people who buy them and protect the natural world around us all. 

5% of our annual proceeds here at RECON wellness + design go to the National Resource Defense Council who help protect and preserve the natural world for generations to come.